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Our Services

Close Leads

Consistency is key when closing a lead. Here in STRIDE, we don’t just settle on getting the right person to do the job. But we also invest on their growth and skills to be to outshine closing a sale.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is all about understanding your customer needs and matching the right service. The key secret, understanding their unstated needs. Let us match one for your business.

Skip Tracing

Isn’t it taxing to receive a lead with no or less information? What’s worse is to spend hours just to find them. Let us help you by getting the details you need with a great accuracy rate.

Admin Assistant

Just like house chores, administrative task is inevitable. They not only help you become profitable but it will also help you organize your business in the longer run. Focus on your business, and let us take care of your daily chores.

Real Estate SMS

Looking for other ways to contact your leads? Let us introduce to your our newest ways to reach your lead through SMS platform. Let productivity crossover with convenience.